What to Expect:

Prior to the coming to see me, it is helpful if you are able to download and complete the skin questionnaire (Skin Questionnaire) to bring with you to your appointment. Alternatively, you are welcome to call into any of the Kernow Vets surgeries and they can supply you with a copy. This will help me to obtain a thorough history and allow you time to consider some of the questions in advance. Sufficient time is scheduled for the consultation to allow me to undertake a full general clinical examination of your pet followed by a more specific dermatological examination noting lesion type and distribution. This information is used to form a list of prioritised possible diagnoses so that a plan can be formulated.  Some tests can be undertaken during the appointment although sometimes pets may need to stay with us for a short while for them to be completed. Alternatively, a further appointment can be scheduled.



It is much better to see your pet ‘as it is’ to help with the diagnosis. Therefore, please do not use any skin shampoos or wipes for a week before your appointment. If your pet is on any other medication please do contact us to see if it is OK to continue with these products right up until your appointment.



If blood tests should be required, food can affect the results in some cases. So, it is better not to not feed your pet for 12 hours prior to your consultation just in case. Water should, of course, be provided as normal.  If this is going to be a problem  for you then  you can let me know.  Do not worry if you forget as we can soon make another visit time to take any blood samples.


Follow up appointments will be scheduled as required, although telephone conversations are also suitable at some stages.